Aeromexico strike called off as pilots agree to pay raise

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About 1,400 Aeromexico pilots returned to work today when a planned strike was called off.

Angered union pilots threatened to strike Monday, and the on Wednesday, over a dispute on pay and benefits.

The president of the Aeroméxico Delegation, Miguel Carballo, announced that a salary increase of 5.15 percent was agreed on, in addition to improvements in safety and productivity rules.

Pilots hired after 2010 work under a “B contract” in recognition of an economic slump. But the pilots’ union saw no need to continue a drastic pay disparity between the newer pilots and those hired before 2010.

“The assembly was very wise, we have to recognize its maturity,” said the secretary of the Trade Union Association, Rafael Diaz Covarrubias, who stressed the importance of dialogue.

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