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After 4-month pause, Valladolid’s video mapping show is back

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
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Valladolid’s “Noches de la heroica Valladolid” is a must for any visitor to the colonial city. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

Four months ago, a strong gust of wind and power surge damaged Valladolid’s video mapping show projectors.

But the audiovisual show returned Friday —  with a handful of improvements to help protect the equipment from the weather. 

The video mapping show is projected onto the facade of Valladolid’s San Bernardino convent and through narration tells the story of the conquest of Yucatán, Valladolid, the Caste War, and the convent itself.

The show — titled “Noches de la heroica Valladolid,” or “Nights of heroic Valladolid” — is presented for free Tuesdays through Sunday at 9 p.m. in Spanish and at 9:30 in English. 

Video mapping projections have become popular in Yucatán, with shows being regularly scheduled in Mérida, Izamál, and archaeological sites including Uxmal. Photo: Carlos Rosado van de Gracht

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The show can be seen from the lawn across from the convent or from one of the area’s surrounding benches.

Attendance at the free attraction can on occasion get quite full, so visitors are advised to arrive half an hour early.

Aside from the main presentation, buskers and food vendors are very active before and during the show, so there’s no trouble passing the time.

Though the event is held outside, wearing a facemask and maintaining social distancing is compulsory. Police routinely patrol the area to ensure the rules are being followed. 

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