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After tree massacre in north, possible suspect captured on camera

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Police investigating vandalism on Avenida Líbano are asking the identity of this person. Photo: SSP

Mérida, Yucatán — Looking for whoever chopped down a row of freshly planted trees, police have taken an interest in surveillance photos of a man running down the street.

State police released photographs of a man who possibly mutilated 16 trees along Avenida Líbano in the north of the city.

A stocky young man with a shaggy haircut, scruffy beard, wearing blue denim jeans and a green shirt was captured on camera running from the scene. Police released photos on Twitter asking the public for help identifying him.

The photographs were obtained from a security camera in the neighborhood, and its timing has police thinking they have a likeness of their suspect.

SSP asks the public to call 911 with information.

Outraged that anyone would undermine the city’s reforestation program, the municipality has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor.

Source: SSP

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