Air in Yucatan fouled by smoky fires near and far

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Photo: NOAA

The haze that settled over Yucatan on Thursday is not necessarily from your neighbor burning trash this time.

Winds from the south are bringing smoke from fires as far away as Guatemala and Honduras, said State Civil Protection Coordinator Jesús Enrique Alcocer Basto.

The haze has caused eyes to sting, and deprived Yucatan from the sunsets that had been enabled by a long string of clear, cloudless skies.

Fires have been reported throughout Yucatan as well, as the dry season is accentuated with a historic drought while farmers clear their fields with what they intend to be a controlled blaze.

When the winds shift direction later today, skies will clear, said Alcocer Basto. Merida’s air quality Friday afternoon was pegged at 57, or “moderate,” according to It was only slightly better at the beach at 61.

Record-breaking heat has continued as usual, with no chance of rain until May 6, according to forecasters at Conagua, the federal weather agency.

With information from Punto Medio.

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