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Airfare skyrockets, seats vanish as Hanal Pixán approaches

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Hanal Pixan celebrates memories of our loved ones. Photo: File

Merida, Yucatan — Hanal Pixan celebrations have become something worth flying to, if you can find a plane ticket.

Airfares from Mexico City to Merida, even on low-cost airlines, are up to 75 percent, and it is virtually impossible to purchase a ticket to the city on some dates, reports Sipse.

Demand is mainly due to Hanal Pixán, the region’s take on Mexico’s Day of the Dead festivities, which lasts through Nov. 2. The occasion was marked over the weekend with some altars, honoring lost loved ones, at the Plaza Grande. This has been the travel trend for several years now.

Some travelers will be put on waiting lists or routed through Cancun to reach Merida in time.

The festivities peak on Thursday, Oct. 31, when around tens of thousands are expected to stroll the streets for the Paseo de las Ánimas. Starting at 7 pm, the popular procession starts from the General Cemetery towards the Parque de San Juan, and includes the participation of “souls” wearing regional dress and Day of the Dead face paint.

A major airline that just last Wednesday offered a Mexico City-Merida flight for 2,500 pesos now charges 3,815 pesos for coach seats. As of Sunday, coach was totally booked, but the last four premium seats cost 4,131 pesos, said Sipse.

A budget airline’s 1,700-peso ticket rose to 2,219 pesos, up 30.5 percent.

Since last Thursday the cost of a single Premier ticket to Merida reached 8,000 pesos, when its normal cost is around 4,500 pesos. This service was among the first to sell out.

Sources said Hanal Pixán prices could continue to rise due to the high demand.

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