Alarm in Yucatán over rising number of coronavirus patients

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Coronavirus hospitalizations jumped by 33 in one week as Yucatan health officials warned that other parts of Mexico have gone back to lockdown. In that same period, new cases grew by 575.

“We call on the people not to let their guard down these days and to continue to avoid parties and gatherings and remain highly responsible so that what happens to us in Yucatan isn’t what is happening to eight states of the country that are today in red and with all its non-essential trade completely closed to slow down the rate of contagions,” government officials posted on social media.

Although tourists have reappeared, Yucatán’s economy has been stalled under orange alert, which only one level below red. Hotels and restaurants, for example, are open under strict rules limiting how many guests they can accommodate.

The health ministry said 181 patients are receiving hospital care for coronavirus, jumping Saturday from 171 to 189.

Those in stable condition but under home quarantine rose Saturday by 35 for a total of 601 patients.

New cases totaled 101, the third time this week infections were in triple digits. Yucatán has counted 27,293 coronavirus infections, although a lack of widespread testing leads medical experts to believe that the real number is many times higher.

New cases were mainly in Mérida and Progreso, with others coming from Ticul, Tizimín, Tzucacab, Umán, Abalá, Acanceh, Cuzamá, Peto and Tecoh. One of the infected was listed as someone from either another state or country.

Two men and three women, between 57 and 89, died. Of the five, two had no other illnesses.

Of those battling coronavirus in Yucatán, around 16% die.

The national picture has gotten worse. Mexico on Saturday posted a record 16,105 new cases and a near-record of 1,135 deaths in one day. The country has now topped 1.5 million infections and over 133,000 deaths.

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