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All the best of Mérida, lovingly set to music

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“Mi Canto a Mérida” is one man’s musical tribute to the White City.

Mérida Yucatán — For many years, the city of Mérida has been a source of inspiration for musicians and singers.

The latest song is a love ballad from Fernando Rivas Castillo, who presents “Mi Canto a Mérida,” or “My Song to Mérida.”

The Itzimná native produced this YouTube clip with iconic images — from Parque Santa Ana to panuchos — with simple rhymes and chords. Finding something to rhyme with “pitaya” couldn’t have been easy, but he pulled it off.

The song has been broadcast on radio programs in Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Venezuela and Colombia, but not very often in Yucatán itself.

So to help popularize it locally, Diario de Yucatán asked readers to take a listen, and so far, all the feedback they have received is positive.

Here is the video:

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