AMLO gives some of Mexico’s vaccines to poorer countries

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López Obrador. Photo: File

Mexico’s president is turning away some shipments of coronavirus vaccine to share them with poorer countries, Reforma reported.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that Mexico agreed to a United Nations request to accept fewer doses of Pfizer’s vaccine on the condition that they are replenished later.

“Our plan has not changed, because we are already looking for other vaccines, not just Pfizer,” said López Obrador, who emphasized that negotiations are underway for the CanSino vaccine, for the one made in Russia and that of AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

“So we are going to have enough vaccines,” he said.

He also complained that some European countries are “hoarding” doses of vaccine, which cuts infection risks by 95%.

After a ceremony at Benito Juárez University in Guerrero, the president also criticized vaccine agandalle, or theft. A politician in Coahuila was accused of being vaccinated ahead of the medical workers, and then the country’s 15 million elderly, who were given priority.

In the State of Mexico, a doctor was fired after illegally vaccinating his family.

Authorities are obliged to set an example to others, said López Obrador.

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