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An international film crew descends on Baca for a new project

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
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A film crew in Baca, Yucatán prepares to begin shooting a scene near the town’s main square. Photo: Baca City Hall

The small community of Baca is abuzz with excitement with the arrival of an international film crew.

According to local authorities, the film in production is titled “Cosmos” and fronted by the Swiss director Germinal Roaux.

After filming wraps in Baca, the production is said to have plans to move on to other communities. 

The film is also reported to star the renowned Yucatecan actress Ofelia Medina

Since COVID-19 numbers first began to fall dramatically, several international productions have been at work capturing the beauty of Yucatán.

Other recent projects have included music videos and a documentary for the Asian market about tacos, corn, and Yucatecan culture

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Film production in Yucatán got its start in 1938 with the film “La Golondrina,” which was about Alma Reed, an American journalist who fell in love with the state’s famous governor, Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

But local filmmakers agree that Yucatán has much more potential than is being utilized for the TV and film industry. 

It is widely agreed that if filmmaking in Yucatán is to ever flourish, more funding is needed from private investors and organizations such as the Mexican Film Institute.

“Dreaming of a film industry like California’s is so far out of reach that it’s ridiculous, but just look at what other developing countries like India and Nigeria have been able to pull off,” says local award-winning filmmaker Mike Villasuso. “Why not Mexico?”

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