Angry Angus is 2nd restaurant to close suddenly this week

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Who owns the Angry Angus? It won’t re-open until the issue is settled. Photo: Google

Mérida, Yucatán — The crew had just started the morning shift Friday at the popular Angry Angus hamburger restaurant when state police arrived and order them to shut it down.

The temporary closing of the establishment was blamed on a legal conflict at the popular Las Américas eatery.

The Secretariat of Public Security told Milenio Novedades that the ownership of the Angry Angus is in dispute. Until the issue is resolved, police decided the Angry Angus cannot operate legally.

On its Facebook fan page, a graphic in Spanish translates to “For reasons unrelated to us, today, Feb. 23 and until further notice we will not be working.”

This restaurant is known for its generously sized hamburgers piled high with ingredients such as bacon-wrapped hot dogs or even donuts, and dripping in cheese sauce.

Earlier this week, another popular food establishment was closed, but under different circumstances.

The Cacique taqueria in the Campestre neighborhood was out of compliance with tax regulations, including an inability to issue electronic facturas.

Representatives of the Tax Administration System as well as federal police agents marked the establishment with posters and tape to announce its closure.

Cacique is between Calles 3 and 1H on the Prolongación Paseo Montejo.

Source: Sipse

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