Another crane accident at Paseo 60 injures combi passengers

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A combi’s windshield was smashed by a construction crane on Calle 60. It stopped in front of the Hyatt. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Mérida, Yucatán — A second crane accident at the Paseo 60 hotel complex has sent two passengers in a combi to the hospital.

The combi, a small public bus, was traveling north on Calle 60 when the arm of a construction crane swung into the street, possibly carrying a beam, and breaking its windshield.

The impact shocked passengers who said that, at first, they did not realize what had happened.

The vehicle continued another 50 meters until stopping in front of the neighboring Hyatt Regency.

Two front-seat passengers were taken to the hospital by SSP paramedics while state police cordoned off the area.

The crane involved in the accident was later locked up. Workers could not explain the mishap.

Last December, five workers were killed and many more injured in another, much larger crane accident.

That accident happened after crane operator lifting a concrete block struck or dropped a concrete block on the seventh floor of the northeast wing of a hotel tower. Concrete and steel beams fell to the ground in a domino effect. Neighbors reported thinking an explosion had happened.

The 12-story combination hotel-retail complex is emerging at the southern end of the hotel zone, directly behind the Hyatt Regency.

Developed by local entrepreneur José Chapur Zahoul, Paseo 60 was supposed to open in April on Calle 60 near 35.

With information from La Jornada Maya

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