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Infections accelerate further with 41 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours

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An updated state map shows coronavirus infections in Yucatan. Photo: Screengrab via Yucatan Health Ministry

Health authorities reported daily statistics that were about as grim as Thursday’s.

New COVID-19 cases totaled 41, and four more patients died of their illness, said a Health Ministry official at the daily news briefing. Seven patients were declared recovered.

That brings the state’s past and current infections to 497 with 111 new cases in the past seven days. Of the total, 239 people have recovered, 132 are stable and with mild symptoms, while 67 — the same as Thursday — remain hospitalized.

New infections included 25 in Merida, three in Maxcanú, two each in Halachó and Kanasín, and one each in Abalá, Baca, Hunucmá, Peto, Progreso, Sanahcat, Temozón, Ticul and Tixpéhual.

The oldest to die was a Merida woman, 80, with a medical history of hypertension, diabetes and chronic liver disease. She lived with a person who does not exhibit symptoms.

A 77-year-old man from Sanahcat, with diabetes; a 55-year-old Valladolid man, with diabetes and obesity; and a 74-year-old Solidaridad, Quintana Roo man, with congestive heart failure, also perished.

Yucatan has recorded 39 deaths from coronavirus since the state’s first fatality April 3.

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Mexico’s health ministry reported 1,515 new cases and 113 deaths, bringing the country’s total to 20,739 cases and 1,972 deaths. On average, 86% of COVID-19 patients recover.

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