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Another sushi bar shut down, this time over documentation

No sick customers, but documentation problems trip up food court operation

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Merida, Yucatan — A second sushi bar has been shut down by health authorities.

Two weeks after health officials closed Bla, Bla & Sushi, in the Victory Platz shopping center, To Sushi in Plaza La Isla’s food court was reported sanctioned.

No incidents of food poisoning or mishandling were reported, but the establishment lacked proper documentation certifying it was following health procedures, according to the La Verdad news site.

To Sushi is a small chain of casual restaurants based in Monterrey.

The local branch was tripped up during a routine visit by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), which found that documents were not up to date.

That’s in contrast to the situation at Bla, Bla & Sushi, another upscale restaurant, where Cofepris specialists found diners were sickened by salmonella.

To Sushi’s owners reported to the state Ministry of Health to sort out the paperwork and are likely to resume activities today, La Verdad reported.

Meanwhile, it appears Bla, Bla & Sushi is back open, near City Center.

“We keep rolling,” the restaurant posted on its Facebook page on Friday.

But the damage was done. Followers left cynical comments, including one who tagged some friends and wrote, “we can go on Monday and then we go for an ice cream and then to Star Medica.”

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