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Anti-abortion vigil to last 40 days in front of clinic

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An anti-abortion vigil on Calle 54 will return later this month. Photo: Desde el Balcón

Mérida, Yucataán — Representatives of local conservative groups confirmed that as part of their “40 Days for Life” campaign, they will hold a vigil across the street from a women’s health clinic in the Centro Histórico.

The campaign, which will begin on Valentine’s Day, is “to raise awareness among women about respect for life and to reject abortion.” The prayer vigil begins three days later and lasts 40 days, repeating an identical demonstration held in September.

They will gather at Calle 54 and 49, outside a sewing machine shop that faces the Clínica de Servicios Humanitarios en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva.

Organizers denied photographing women who visit the clinic, maintaining that the movement is peaceful.

The clinic’s directors and the rights association UNASSE, however, say that these conservative groups’ campaign encourages stigmatization and discrimination.

The clinic’s supporters requested the support of the State Human Rights Commission (CODHEY) to urge the General Secretariat of the Government or the Directorate of the Interior to take measures against the campaign, but officials sided with the protestors.

Representatives of the clinic said they hope that this campaign will not be carried out on the site again, where women who come for medical services could be intimidated.

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