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Antonio Marín y Aguilar, fixture of weekly music performances, dies at 85

Was Serenade, Vaqueria emcee for 30 years

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Antonio Marín y Aguilar

A standard-bearer of Yucatecan folk music will be missing from tonight’s Serenade at Santa Lucia park.

The city is mourning Antonio Marín y Aguilar, who died Wednesday at the age of 85.

Marín y Aguilar was well known for hosting shows for the city for many years. He also was a fixture at the Vaqueria, performed Mondays at the Municipal Palace, and Noche Mexicana, the Saturday-night celebration of traditional music held weekly at the Remate del Paseo Montejo.

He had marked 30 years as emcee at one event last year.

Merida’s cultural department posted a tribute on social media.

“A voice is silenced,” a spokesman said, calling Marín y Aguilar, a “tireless promoter of local culture and driver of the traditional artistic programs of the city council of Merida.”

The chronicler of cultural events in Yucatan was born on Nov. 7, 1933, in Valladolid, and was an educator throughout the country before devoting three decades of his life to playing the role of host for the city’s free public music and dance performances.

Marin y Aguilar captivated audiences with historical anecdotes and interviews with artists, dancers and national and international composers, according to the posting.

An outpouring of affection followed on the cultural department’s Facebook page.

“Irreplaceable … a huge void in the events of Merida, the voice of the narrator of customs, anecdotes and history of our state of Yucatan was extinguished. Rest in peace master!” a fan, Nidia Cua Flores, wrote in response.

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