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App will tell riders when their bus is coming

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Merida, Yucatan — A smartphone app, revealing the location and ETA of the city’s buses, is in the works, said the director of the Institute of Mobility and Urban Territorial Development.

The app will also include interactive, searchable public-transportation schedules.

The official, Aref Karam Espósitos, also said the app is estimated to be ready at year’s end.

The service will be rolled out gradually. Each bus will be fitted with a tracking device that connects to a computer system.

Although similar apps already exist in cities around the world, the project is still ambitious enough that it will take time to develop, he said.

Reduce wait times for riders will be a key objective of the free service, said Karam Espósitos.

City buses are inexpensive, but operators vary and routes can be confusing. Some start in outlying neighborhoods, skirt the city center and end in another distant neighborhood. Transpublico.com provides detailed maps of all the routes.

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