Artist George Samuelson, 1957-2017

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George Samuelson. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — George Samuelson, an artist, designer and architect who was part of the TAKTO Design Group, died Wednesday in an accident at his workshop.

Samuelson built hand-wrought furniture pieces and sculptures that were praised for their artfulness and ingenuity.

George Samuelson, center, at work. “George is immersed in the production of each of his pieces. Working hand by hand with his team he oversees every detail of his designs,” was the caption accompanying this photo on TAKTO’s Facebook page.

Trained as an industrial designer, Samuelson had been working on a series of unique tables, as well as creating sculpture out of reclaimed metal, wood and other materials, according to TAKTO’s Facebook page.

“A huge presence in our lives and hearts,” wrote Jason Kriegler, a U.S.-based creative director, on Samuelson’s Facebook page. “A tremendous impact in all who this great man has touched.”

George Samuelson. Photo: Facebook

“You don’t go around finding friends like George Samuelson here and there,” wrote Carlos Pascual, another friend in the same social media feed. “George was a hyperbolic, kind, naughty and wonderful giant. Life offered me the unlikely gift of being George’s neighbour in two towns to be able to witness his gargantuan adventures: Valle de Bravo and San Miguel.”

Lois George Samuelson Becerra was born March 8, 1957 in Mexico City to Swedish and Colombian parents. He studied biology and industrial design in Mexico City before coming to the Yucatán Peninsula.

He founded TAKTO along with German-born artist Katrin Schikora. His biography states that he also designed and built freshwater and saltwater aquariums, breeding koi, and was a passionate cook.

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