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Artistas celebrate with gala, show

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A swanky dinner, live music and the opening of a Francisco Goya exhibit: what could go wrong? Very little, apparently. The gala to benefit the Fundación de Artistas was a rousing success last night.

Eighty of Goya’s original etchings were shipped in from Spain for an exhibit, “Los Caprichos and Los Disparates,” which reflects the artist’s discontent during a time of violent war and revolution.

There was also a silent auction of original Mexican artwork.

“As a new haven for the artistic soul, Fundación de Artistas is dedicated to cultivating creativity and innovation through our exhibitions and education initiatives,” according to their mission statement. “We are facilitating a new artistic movement in Yucatan and hope you will join us in helping to ignite the movement!”

The benefit is intended to:

  • Continue offering the local community free access to exhibitions, seminars and classes
  • Allow the foundation to invite and pay artists and professors to teach seminars opened to the public at no charge
  • Buy supplies and materials for seminars, classes and their residency program
  • Cover the transportation costs of exhibitions to Yucatan, which costs approximately 25,000 pesos for exhibitions within Mexico, and serve as inspiration for the local art community
  • Install a professional lighting system, which would cost about 100,000 pesos, in their exhibition rooms

The event has ended, but if you are interested in helping the foundation finance its goals, there is a crowdfunding page up until Nov. 9.

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