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Artistic umbrellas above the Pasaje de la Revolución

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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850 umbrellas are suspended from the top of the walkway between the Cathedral and the Macay. Photo: Ayuntamiento

Mérida, Yucatán — For now, the Pasaje de la Revolución can be called by a gentler name: “The Walk of the Parasols.”

An urban art initiative has brightened the walkway between the Cathedral and the Macay museum with 850 opened, upright umbrellas suspended from above.

Beginning in Portugal, similar installations have been seen around the world, known by its English name, the Umbrella Sky Project.

The initiative, which intends to promote public spaces and historical sites of cities, has also been replicated in Liverpool, Barcelona, Madrid, Tokyo, South Korea, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

In Mexico, similar projects have also been developed, such as in Mexico City, Chihuahua and Aguascalientes.

Carolina Cárdenas Sosa, director of Tourism and Economic Promotion, reported that the 850 umbrellas are attached to 12 grills which use a simple lifting mechanism to raise and lower them when necessary. The exhibit cost just over 200,000 pesos.

“It’s an expression of joy with umbrellas for the Meridanos and tourists,” said Cárdenas Sosa.

The installation will remain for three weeks.

In turn, the Department of Municipal Public Services carried out several cleaning and painting projects to refresh walkway. Up until the day before Saturday’s unveiling, workers were painting and cleaning the walls.

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