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Artists from Costa Rica, Veracruz in a colorful exhibition

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A spectator enjoys “Abstracción y espacio” at the Ya’ax Boutique Hotel in Mejorada. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

Mérida, Yucatán — An explosion of colors and forms from three artists are mixed with the colonial style of the Ya’ax Boutique Hotel in Mejorada.

The exhibition “Abstracción y espacio” or “Abstraction and Space” was inaugurated on June 28 and brings together abstract and expressionist paintings.

The pieces are by Costa Rican artist Cynthia Díaz Oviedo “Cyntika” and Veracruz artists María Teresa Molina Escamilla and Hericko Delfín, all based in Mérida.

Díaz presents five abstract paintings with ink technique. This is her first show that doesn’t feature her figurative painting. She was inspired by the colors of both Yucatán and Costa Rica.

She has been painting for 14 years; since she was a child she liked drawing and took some courses. Today, she is a school teacher, and in her daily work in class, she uses her artistic skill to present concepts to students.

Molina, who is known as “Moet,” is also showing abstracts, six small and large-format paintings, which the artist defines as postmodernist. She said that the style of painting allows for a clearer expression of emotion.

Hericko Delfín has been a visual artist for 20 years. He came to Mérida to study architecture and tends toward expressionism in his art. He likes the style for its more direct communication with the viewer.

He has exhibited in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Chicago and cities in Brazil and Switzerland.

The exhibition will be open until November.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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