As the heat returns to Yucatán, a hidden lagoon awaits

Three young people have fun on a kayak ride in the “Nachi Cocom” lagoon. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

The “Nachi Cocom” lagoon has become a new tourist site for Popolnah, where a large number of national visitors have come to know this hidden paradise that was first promoted just a few months ago.

With a few resources, community members have improved the site by investing their profits in the project. One of the association members, César Cauich Chay, regrets that they do not get more support from the municipal authorities. The help of only 7,000 pesos is not enough for the improvements to make the site better known.

The Yucatán is on a peninsula that lies amidst the Gulf of Mexico toward the west and north and the Caribbean sea. The coastal plain is sandy and low from the north, surrounded by several small ports and towns. The peninsula is famous for its beaches, especially in Cancún, and coastal villages renown for fishing.

Yucatan state normally experiences temperatures between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. The population of the state is officially 2,320,898. By mid-March, temperatures rise and casino sites such as NetBet are accessed from anywhere, anytime for online slots and poker.

Promoting the Site

The project has been taken on for two years by a local tourism association. In early 2021, when villagers given aid and other resources were provided, some life vests and kayaks were acquired, and the palapas and wooden paths were constructed. They intended to promote the site, which will raise their profits, and help them to grow economically.

Cauich Chay added that now what is most urgent for them are the bathrooms, but they do not have enough resources to buy a biodigester that prevents contamination in the lagoon.

In the remotest area of the Popolnah, near Tizimín, the lagoon stretches around 84 kilometers of land. The major attraction is kayaking, which costs 50 pesos per hour, and there are areas to make the travelers relax in the wooden trial surrounding the area. They are also thinking of promoting social media platforms’ sites to get recognition from the viewers.

“We are sad that no one takes us into account, here jobs can be generated and it would be an economic benefit, not only for the people, but for all the neighboring communities, since a lot of national and even foreign tourism would arrive,” said Cauich Chay.

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