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August ends with hopeful signs in the coronavirus fight

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Yucatan’s health department announced new coronavirus infections and fatalities were well below what they were a month ago.

July was Yucatan’s deadliest month while August has shown a downward trend in cases, deaths and hospitalizations. Monday’s new infections totaled 98 while 17 people died.

Accumulated deaths total 1,997 since April and cases have reached 14,928 since the pandemic reached Yucatan in March. Recoveries continue to average around 79%.

New infections included 71 in Merida, five in Valladolid, four in Progreso and Tekax; two in Ticul and Yaxcabá; one foreigner and one case in Acanceh, Chichimilá, Conkal, Dzan, Homún, Izamal and Tzucacab.

Fatalities included eight men and nine women ranging in age between 48 and 98. Some were already battling conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, COPD, asthma and immunosuppression.

Seven were from Mérida and 2 were from outside either the state or country, listed as “foreigners.” Two more were from Tekax, and one each was from Cenotillo, Maní, Muna, Río Lagartos, Ticul and Yaxkabá.

Of the 1,146 current COVID-19 patients, 353 require hospitalization, down 13 from the day before.

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