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Baca closes borders after neighboring city announces 3 coronavirus cases

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After the three positive cases of coronavirus in Motul became known, neighboring Baca closed its borders, the city council announced Sunday.

Coordinating with municipal police, Baca is not allowing non-residents to enter the city. Motul had already initiated such measures before the COVID-19 patients were revealed.

Mayor Guadalupe Marisol Pech Basto said only grocery store delivery trucks will be allowed in.

The Baca market, as well as liquor stores, will be closed starting Monday until further notice.

It was also announced that Baca-Motul public transport routes would be canceled. The two cities are about 16 kilometers apart.

Finally, the population was asked not to leave their homes as a preventive measure.

Baca is chiefly known for its Fundación para el Bienestar Natural, a retreat for cancer patients funded by a large Thai restaurant, La Casa de Los Lotos.

Tahmek and Celestún also closed their borders to tourists in an attempt to keep coronavirus at bay.

Meanwhile, Temozón declared a curfew, meaning no local traffic will be allowed between from 10 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. until the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Vehicles will be allowed only on the Merida-Progreso highway, a federal road that passes through the territory, and will be escorted by police until they leave the municipality.

In addition, the agents will patrol the streets and neighborhoods of the town, to verify compliance with the measure.

Rights groups have protested the suppression of free travel on public roads.

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