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Beach construction in Chuburná halted by environmental agency

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Profepa halted a real estate development in Chuburná after the agency said that endangered palms were cleared. Photo: Profepa

Chuburná, Yucatán — The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) temporarily shut down a construction site where a threatened thatch palm was apparently cleared.

The project occupies ​​1,000 square meters or 10,700 square feet on the beach at Chuburná.

Builders lacked an environmental impact statement, which was required because of its position on the coastal ecosystem, which was inhabited by threatened Palma Chit, Profepa announced in a press release.

The thatch palm was apparently cleared from the building site, Profepa said, after detecting specimens on the site’s perimeter.

An inspection carried out by Profepa personnel found construction with masonry and concrete foundations and a palapa roof with wooden poles.

A swimming pool, two cisterns at ground level and two water absorption wells were also found.

The Palma Chit (Thrinax radiata), is a species listed in the Official Mexican Standard NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010, under the category of Threatened (A).

To prevent further damage to the environment, based on Article 170 of the General Law of Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection (LGEEPA), officials decided to impose a total temporary closure of the work site.

Article 28 of the LGEEPA establishes that the real estate developments that affect the coastal ecosystems require prior authorization with regard to the environmental impact granted by the SEMARNAT.

The owner of the property faces hefty fines, Profepa said.

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