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Beach fenced off in Chuburná, but neighbors can only speculate why

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Fencing and signage has upset beach lovers in Chuburna Puerto: Photo: Google Earth with inset from Facebook / Alex Camara

Chuburná Puerto, Yucatán — The sudden and unexpected appearance of razor wire fencing and crude private-property signs at an unspoiled stretch of beach has residents unnerved.

Media have speculated that a group of investors plan a beachfront hotel there. But no one has stepped forward to announce a project.

The 300-meter-wide beach was formed after a breakwater was built there 30 years ago. For many, it’s a relaxing spot far from the tight grid of houses to the east. Aside from being a de facto public park, the dunes are a sea-turtle nesting ground, despite being also used by motocross enthusiasts.

Daniel Castro Narváez, a local resident, told Diario de Yucatán that when he recently saw a group of surveyors take measurements at the breakwater, he assumed a beach rescue project was about to begin.

Despite the fences, the beach is still accessible at numerous entradas. Property owners are entitled to fence in their land up to the federal zone, 20 meters from the high-tide line. The public has access to the entire beach.

But some neighbors worry about encroaching commercialization in Chuburná.

“Business is taking over,” lamented one member of a neighborhood Facebook group.

“What? I’ve been going there for 15 years. My favorite place to spend the day,” said another.

Diario repeated speculation offered by neighbors, but confirmed nothing. Éric Rubio Barthell, an investor and government official, was mentioned because in July he had announced a private beach club in the works.

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