Between 9 and 10 daily deaths, but new coronavirus infections continue to fall

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Coronavirus cases continued a gradual but steady decline while deaths rose slightly, reflecting an earlier increase in cases, data from Yucatán’s health ministry indicated.

Another 61 infections were reported Saturday and the week ended with an average of 73 new cases each day. An average of 9.4 patients died every 24 hours this week, slightly above the previous week’s average of nine. In February, daily fatalities were around 11 on average.

Saturday’s fatalities ranged in age from 44 to 86.

Public hospitals were caring for 216 COVID-19 patients, two fewer than the day before. Another 409 patients with mild symptoms were isolated at home, 15 more than the day before.

Since the pandemic began more than a year ago, 34,773 cases have been counted in Yucatán. Many times more are thought to have been undetected by health authorities. Around 87% of patients have survived a coronavirus infection.

Vaccinations in Mérida, first promised on Easter weekend, are now thought to be planned beginning April 5. Only residents 60 and over will qualify for a vaccination, which local media reported will be the AstraZeneca brand.

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