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Biciruta celebrates 1st year of community biking after dark

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The nighttime version of the Biciruta is a year old. Photo: Ayuntamiento.

Mérida, Yucatán — Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal led the first anniversary of the “Biciruta Nocturna PM,” a spinoff of the popular Sunday-morning community bike ride.

The night-time version of the Biciruta is once a month, after dark. The city counts 31,680 bike riders taking part in the beloved program.

Accompanied by his wife, María Eugenia Ortiz Abraham and his sons Alejandrina, Mauricio and Santiago, the mayor said that a year after opening, there have been some improvements along the Paseo de Montejo such as free wifi.

The program is meant to promote healthy living and family activities. The original Biciruta has been a fixture here for more than 10 years.

The administration has promoted pedal power elsewhere. Bike paths have also been installed in the ​​Cordemex area, as well as Komchén and Chichí Suárez.

The city also teaches the unitiated how to ride a bike. The cycling initiation school, called “Pedalea,” teaches safe riding rules, as well, on Sundays at the Remate of the Paseo de Montejo and the first Saturday of each month in front of the Palacio G. Cantón.

The anniversary resembled more of a birthday party. Cake was cut and five bicycles were handed out as prizes to attendees.

Biciruta Nocturna PM is 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. the first Saturday of each month, and unlike the normal weekly Sunday BiciRuta, where the east lane is closed off from cars, night cyclists will be given the west side of the Paseo.

Source: Press Release

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