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Big cut in electric rates coming to Yucatan, says CFE chief

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Electricity rates will fall 30% in Baja California and Yucatan, said the director of the Federal Electricity Commission, Manuel Bartlett Díaz.

The savings for both states will be thanks to the natural-gas plant projects promised by 2020, he said.

“New devices to generate electricity will be installed … and gas will be guaranteed through a 110-megawatt barge, this gas is guaranteed permanently,” said Bartlett.

Both Yucatan and Baja California, for reasons of geographic isolation, pay the highest electric bills in Mexico. But the increase in gas production and the commercialization of fuel will resolve each peninsular state’s isolation issue.

“The rate is going to be lowered through the provision of gas; with this opportunity to take this new energy to the plants and to have an important gas supply, as they are two isolated areas, by guaranteeing the gas we will have a lower cost of gas and will boost development in the economy, ” he said.

Participating in President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s morning news conference, Bartlett said that the production of electric energy depends on diesel or fuel oil at a degree of 70 to 80 percent. He added that the production of fuel oils can be increased thanks to the satisfactory resolution with private companies constructing the gas pipelines. Natural gas can flow from Texas, which has some of the most favorable prices in the market, he said.

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