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Bike rental station benefits La Plancha park efforts

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Bikes for rent at Parque Artículo 123, raises both money and awareness for a park at La Plancha. Photo: Gran Parque La Plancha A.C.

Mérida, Yucatán — A  popup bike rental station started operating today at La Plancha, a project to benefit efforts to construct a park there.

The station, in front of the Railway Museum, coincided with the Sunday-morning Biciruta. The park’s proponents have advocated extending the community bike ride to include the La Plancha site.

The bike station also promotes the concept of turning the disused rail yard into a Central Park-type green space.

“We are a citizen initiative that works without any remuneration and we are convinced that a large green lung that oxygenates the city is necessary for Mérida,” according to literature at the station.

The concept is being championed by the members of a Gran Parque La Plancha A.C., which has been working for years to see a large parcel in the Centro become a positive new addition to the city.

The park would have urban orchards, extensive gardens and plantings and a bike path along old train tracks, connecting the park with the rest of the city.

The park would also be a source of recreational and cultural activities while using renewable energy.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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