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Bing Bang Kitchen returns with a brand new business model

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Dave O. Dodge
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Merida, Yucatan — A recent report published online stated that upwards to 4,000 businesses in the Yucatan were affected by the current pandemic situation and many would be shuttering their doors as a result. These are unsettling times for many small businesses and the outlook can be very bleak.

Bing Bang Kitchen in Col. Chuburna was one of the many that have closed their doors and altered their business plan in light of COVID-19. Owner and entrepreneur Christine Chu sadly closed her shop after only two years in business. A passionate cook, mother and homeschooler to her three children, she is now redirecting her energies to create a new business model for her beloved Bing Bang Kitchen.

Chu, an expat who hails from Canada, moved here over six years ago with her husband, another small-business owner specializing in home securities, and their young children. After a recent move to the Xcanatun area, her new home has a larger and well-equipped kitchen which has inspired her to continue her cooking.  Her main specialty is Vietnamese cuisine, which she learned from her husband’s Vietnamese family. Her sister-in-law entrusted Christine with all the family recipes and together back in Canada they had a small catering company. From those efforts Bing Bang Kitchen in Merida was born.   

Over the past few months Christine had to take a hard and honest look at her business. She says, “The only way we will survive now is to adapt and be creative.”  Her cooking will continue, and her passion to feed her family and her friends will also carry on. “My first concern is my family safety, so cooking from home is the perfect compromise,” she added.

Her next chapter during and after COVID 19 will not only be returning to her roots as a caterer by offering her brand of cooking and her signature style of presentation; but also taking pre-orders for her “heat & serve” specialties.  Christine’s menu for catering will be a full assortment of Vietnamese food that her fans have come to love, but her take away business, she added, “I want to only offer the finest items that will translate to reheating, because my food is prepared fresh and served straight away, not everything will make the list.”  

“The community really has given me the confidence to continue with my cooking.” said Chu.

Bing Bang Kitchen can be found on Facebook and with nearly 1,000 followers its more than enough for her to broaden her reach.

“As a small business owner Facebook and Instagram are my friend,” she said. Christine plans on using the social media platforms to get her word out about updates to her menus, posting her “heat & serve” items and to showcase her catering talents.

During this time of uncertainty, small businesses will be thinking outside the box to continue to grow and prosper.

For more information: Visit Facebook: Bing Bang Kitchen or on Instagram: Bing_Bang_Kitchen.

Christine can also be reached at: chu.family@gmail.com.

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