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Botella Verde trading park for poolside

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Botella Verde is leaving the crowds of Parque Santa Lucia for the cool confines of their Villa Verde courtyard. Photo: Facebook
Botella Verde is leaving the crowds of Parque Santa Lucia for the cool confines of their Villa Verde courtyard. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — This is Botella Verde’s last weekend at Parque Santa Lucia.

By mid-June, the restaurant will be serving their famous craft cocktails and small plates poolside, at Villa Verde, the owners’ boutique inn two blocks east.

The owners, Michael Berton and Robert Klie, built lodgings at Villa Verde first, and then saw opportunity to parlay their kitchen skills at a quickly evolving Santa Lucia, on Calle 55 and 60.

Anyone who has visited the Centro knows how overwhelmingly successful Santa Lucia has become as a magnet for hungry foodies. Lots of them.

Something calmer: The Villa Verde terrace.
Something calmer: The Villa Verde terrace.

“Two years ago we rented a quiet little corner in the park and since then the park has exploded with activity, sights and sounds,” reads a notice on Botella Verde’s Facebook page. “This is all wonderful news for the park and our neighborhood — but our goal is to be that quiet, almost bohemian place you go to for a cocktail and light bite, bring a friend or client for conversation or a meeting, etc.”

The Botella Verde formula hasn’t changed since they announced their original grand opening in 2014.

“Botella Verde is the sort of small casual place that we and our guests would like to frequent – casual atmosphere with light food, wine, beer and many locally made artisanal desserts, breads and gourmet ice cream,” Berton said in a 2014 interview with Yucatán Expat Life. “A place where you can pop in wearing shorts and sandals for a quick espresso or that reasonably priced glass of wine and a salad. Almost tapas.”

There is more than wine flowing from that green bottle. BV has full bar serving artisanal cocktails and liqueurs from the mixologist, Gerson.

“He is getting a regular crowd for his bitters, orange cella, etc. My own raspberry-infused brandy is doing pretty well, also!” said Berton.

So soon, anyone can enjoy Botella Verde’s offerings in a quieter setting, with pool passes available and special events in the works. And there’s one more benefit that BV couldn’t offer back at the park.

“How many other bar/cafes have hammocks for that after-lunch siesta?” said Berton.

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