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Breathe and bloom at Little Lotus, and re-think what yoga really is

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Yesica Benitez
Yesica Benitez
Born in Yucatán, Yesica Benitez Chan is a marketer, avid gardener, softball player, baker, and a great lover of Yucatecan culture and cuisine.
Little Lotus Yoga recently opened its doors in García Ginéres and offers an inclusive space to practice yoga for folks of all ages and skill levels. Photo: Courtesy Little Lotus Yoga

It is often said that awareness of your breath is the key to knowing one’s self.

When we become capable of fully concentrating on the feeling of air entering our lungs, we gain a sense of connection with our bodies and welcome a sense of gratitude for life in general. 

Breathing consciously can also serve as a springboard to truly appreciate our body in a way that compels us to honor it.

Yoga is an ancestral practice that originated thousands of years ago in India. The word “yoga” has many meanings.

At Little Lotus, the term “yoga” refers to a way of living as much as the practice itself. 

This way of living is conducive to helping ourselves and others through life’s many challenges. Therefore, our goal is to make this practice accessible to people of all ages and nationalities in a way that transcends language, says Miguel Loret, an instructor and founder at Little Lotus. 

Miguel Loret teaching a yin yoga class. Photo: Courtesy Little Lotus Yoga.

There are several styles of yoga. Hata Yoga, for example, is rooted in a journey of physical strength for a stronger body and a mind open to meditation. 

In the West, yoga has taken on several pop culture connotations and stereotypes, leading some to think that the practice is not for them. But in India, people have an entirely different attitude, incorporating yoga into their lives in a much more organic way, regardless of age, sometimes not even fully consciously. 

Little Lotus Yoga is located at Plaza Colon in García Ginerés. Photo: Little Lotus Yoga.

Little Lotus strives for this more organic style of yoga, which can invigorate health to the way it was when we were children. Through this practice, Little Lotus also promotes the self-exploration of feelings and sensations while offering a guiding hand through several styles. 

The central idea of this approach is to integrate knowledge in a way that is easy to assimilate on a physical, intellectual, and emotional level. 

When one practices yoga, every movement flows through the central nervous system. The point here is not to oversaturate ourselves but rather to allow this knowledge to flow and be received by our bodies. 

“There is no wrong way to do yoga; when a posture does not come out the way we want, we are presented with an opportunity to grow,” says Miguel. Photo: Little Lotus Yoga

“We want everybody, especially families, and folks who would not usually consider yoga as being ‘for them,’ to learn that they too can enjoy the profound benefits of this ancient practice,” says Cynthia Stobbe, who moved to Yucatán from Canada a year ago to open Little Lotus Yoga.

Cynthia Stobbe has 15 years of experience teaching yoga and loves to focus on groups and families. Photo: Little Lotus Yoga

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