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Brew pub closed, accused of violating dry law by selling beer

Business leaders recommend that ban on alcohol sales continues, rather than end Thursday as originally planned

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The original Hermana República brew pub in Xcanatún was closed by authorities who alleged beer was being sold illegally. Photo: Reporteros Hoy

The Yucatan Chamber of Commerce recommended extending Yucatan’s “dry law” another month while police closed down a popular brew pub for clandestine beer sales.

The manager of Hermana República and its Cervecería Patito in Xcanatún was confronted by state Ministry of Public Security officers after an argument broke out Saturday at the restaurant, Sipse reported.

Customers were apparently refused beers although another patron, who apparently drove in with a fancier car, had loaded 20 bottles of craft beer onto his rear seat.

The statewide ban on alcohol sales began April 10 and was to last until Thursday, but it is widely rumored to be likely extended at least another month.

That would be fine with leaders of the business and restaurant guilds, although they represent business owners whose profits depend on liquor sales.

“The detail and the fine thread in these contingency times is to always maintain clear-headedness, and that can not be had with the consumption of alcohol,” said Michel Salum Francis, president of the Merida Chamber of Commerce.

Roberto G. Cantón Barros, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry in Yucatan, concurred.

“As for the ‘dry law,’ we know that it is a measure that largely prevents family violence and, in a certain way, also prevents the little money that can be in the family economy … from going to the purchase of intoxicating drinks,” he said.

Family advocates, however, said the dry law only causes more frustration and anger within homes and spurred on a black market in which a can of Tecate Light fetches $180 pesos. Alcoholics forced to go on withdrawal can become angry and violent, they point out.

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