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Caban Condos Mexico: What’s so great about beachfront living in Yucatán

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At Caban Condos, you’ll live better and feel better while enjoying a maintenance-free ocean-front lifestyle.

A talk with Parrish Kondra, who’s been busy at the beach with Caban Condos:

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what brought you to Yucatan building condos on the beach? 

Caban Condos was born on a beach in southern Mexico in the summer of 2010. After visiting and vacationing in Mexico for many years, entrepreneur Mike Delaire from Saskatoon, SK, Canada had a dream and a vision. He loved the people, the beaches, the food, the beauty and the nature of Mexico.

After a visit to Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mike had the vision to create a brand of beautiful and affordable oceanfront properties built to high-quality standards for Americans and Canadians. This dream turned into reality and Caban Condos was born. A first successful project was built and sold out in Mahahual. Interested in future projects and development, Mike realized he needed someone down on the ground in Mexico full time. We heard about Yucatan and Merida and decided to check it out. The rest is history and Caban Condos fell in love with the area and decided to focus on future developments in Yucatan. 

At Caban Condos, you’ll live better and feel better while enjoying a maintenance free ocean-front lifestyle.

Along comes Parrish. Meet Parrish Kondra – also a native of Saskatoon and a long-time friend of Mike’s. The two met at a jet-ski race in Saskatoon some 15 years ago. Parrish was envious and ecstatic about Mike’s business in Mexico and knew he wanted to become involved. The two friends started talking about future projects together. With an 8-5 career mainly in sales, Parrish knew a better life was calling.

In the fall of 2015 Parrish left his career in agriculture, sold his house, and moved with two suitcases to Mexico. Having lived in small-town Saskatoon all his life this was quite a shock, but the best decision of his life. He would be glad to share his story with you, feel free to ask. Parrish currently resides in Merida, the capital city of Yucatan state.

At Caban Condos, you’ll live better and feel better while enjoying a maintenance-free ocean-front lifestyle.

He is here to oversee more of the day-to-day operations and construction of the new project in San Crisanto as well as meeting with clients. He also takes care of all marketing material and social media. Yes, we do everything in house! He would love to meet with you and give a tour of Merida and the beautiful beaches here!

Mike and Parrish’s goal is to build you a beautiful and affordable oceanfront property you will enjoy for many years to come. Whether for retirement, vacation property or rental income Caban Condos is your trusted Canadian developers in Yucatan, Mexico. 

Who is your typical customer, if there is such a thing? 

Really anybody looking for a beautiful maintenance-free beachfront property to escape to a more laid-back and peaceful life. Buyers come in all ages, different backgrounds and from all over the world. We have buyers as young as their 30’s to 75. The majority of our buyers are Canadian … eh! As well as American, Mexican, and recently European. 

What is special about Caban Condos? Why do buyers end up doing business with you when there are so many homes on the market? And what about the locations you’ve chosen? 

Caban Condos strives to build high-quality construction at fair prices. We searched the entire Yucatan coast from east to west for the perfect location and fell in love with beautiful and tranquil San Crisanto. Lined with beautiful people, pristine stretches of white sand beaches, and the Yucatan coconut nursery. It is truly a unique paradise. Our clients mean everything to us. Unlike conventional property developers, we personally take the time to meet each and every one of our clients. Face to face. Many of these clients become our friends. Even for clients through realtor channels, we are more than happy to spend time getting to know you.

Purchasing real estate in Mexico may seem like a daunting task to some. It is our personal goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible ensuring you understand the process. With our eight-plus years of experience in Mexico, we have the knowledge and personnel available to ensure a smooth hassle-free transaction. Invest in a brand that is passionate about what they do, who you can rely on and trust.

Tell us about your next project.

That is a secret for now. We have sold out of our Phase 1-3 projects in record time and have a new project coming soon. Beautiful oceanfront condo developments, large open floor plans with high-end finishings and fair prices make the purchase a great short term and long term investment. Stay tuned amigos! It’s not for everyone …. but it could be for you!

At Caban Condos, you’ll live better and feel better while enjoying a maintenance free ocean-front lifestyle.

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Contact Parrish Kondra by calling:
From Canada/US: +1 306-361-1800
From Mexico: +52 984-234-8694
Email: parrish@cabancondosmexico.com

Visit cabancondosmexico.com

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