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Caged spider monkey found living in restaurant-bar’s kitchen

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A spider monkey, living in a small cage kept in a restaurant kitchen, was rescued by government officials. Photo: Profepa

Mérida, Yucatán — A spider monkey caged in a restaurant-bar was rescued by Profepa, said the federal environmental agency.

The spider monkey was living in a kennel crate in a state of dehydration and with mild diarrhea, said Profepa, which did not identify the establishment.

In response to a citizen complaint, inspection was carried out with help from the state Public Security Secretariat.

The monkey’s keeper presented insufficient documentation to prove its origin, the agency said.

And the animal, which has a long tail and limbs, was in a cage too small for natural movement or to maintain proper hygiene, Profepa also reported.

Sanitation issues are beyond the environmental agency’s scope, but the cage was apparently kept where food was being prepared.

According to the World Animal Foundation, spider monkeys never can be fully toilet trained and are not recommended as household pets. In Mexico, they listed as an endangered species. It is illegal to capture spider monkeys other than as part of an approved program to repopulate the species in their natural habitat.

The monkey was transported to the Animaya Zoo‘s Wildlife Conservation Management Unit for treatment.

With information from Profepa

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