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Cake, music and a light show as Biciruta Nocturna marks 2nd anniversary

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A 360-degree light show on the Monumento a la Patria celebrates two years of the nighttime Biciruta. Photo: Ayuntamiento

Mérida Yucatán — The monthly Saturday-night community bike ride has been a hit since launching two years ago. The city marked the occasion with cake, live music and a light show at the Monumento a la Patria.

The evening ride is a spinoff of the city’s popular 12-year-old Sunday-morning Biciruta. Thousands of people, often families with children, grab a bike and overtake stretches of the Centro that are blocked off from motor vehicles.

While the Sunday event is every week, the Saturday-night Biciruta is the first Saturday of each month.

While the program was intended to promote physical fitness and community spirit, both Bicirutas have also proven popular with tourists who get a unique and leisurely glimpse of the Paseo de Montejo.

A highlight of Saturday’s celebration was a videomapping show — similar to the ones at the Cathedral and the Casa Montejo — in which seven projectors illuminated the monument with a 360-degree light show.

The show flashed national and Yucatecan symbols on the historic sculpture created by Rómulo Rozo between 1945 and 1957. A ceremony at the monument also included cake and some speeches.

Saturday’s edition of the Biciruta extended its path to the Camino de Flores in La Mejorada park. The Camino de Flores is another example of a street overtaken, this time with a flower show, that is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for another week.

Biciruta Noctura is the first Saturday of each month from 5-9 p.m. It stretches from Calle 49 to the Monumento a la Patria on the west lane of the Paseo de Montejo.

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