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Camino de Flores returns to Parque de la Paz for Day of the Dead

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With a Day of the Dead theme, this year’s edition of the traditional Camino de Flores is being installed in Mèrida’s Parque de la Paz.

The flower path, which outgrew Parque Mejorada and expanded into the larger park on Avenida Itzimna in April, will be inaugurated Friday. Parque de la Paz is across from the entrance of the historic Centenario Zoo, west of the Centro.

José Collado, director of the Municipal Public Services, promised innovations such as a special decoration related to Hanal Pixán, the region’s twist on Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

Thousands are expected to visit “floral sculptures” designed to resemble Catrinas and a Maya goddess. Around 100,000 flowers were brought in for the effect. An area exclusively for pets is also being arranged.

The official said that the main attraction will be an immense colorful flower garden with incredible shapes and patterns, that more than 100,000 flowers, with Mexican marigolds more than anything else, will be used in this year’s edition.

Collado said the exhibit will remain for two or three weeks, depending on the weather, and on view from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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