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Camino de las Flores returns in time for spring

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Camino de Flores in Merida. Photo: Ayuntamiento

Mérida, Yucatán — The one-block stretch to the west of Parque La Mejorada is once again about to be transformed into a fanciful, lush garden path.

César Bojórquez Zapata, the city’s general coordinator of urban operations, said the wildly popular Camino de las Flores garden installation on Calle 50-A between 57 and 59 is back for a third time on Sunday, March 25.

It’s a timely appearance. The previous Tuesday is the first day of spring. Flowers and plants will be formed to take the shape of various iconic Yucatecan images. Platforms alongside the road will allow visitors to view them from above.

Bojórquez Zapata said that the previous two flower-path installations in the spring and fall last year have given them the experience to make the display even more beautiful and durable.

The most recent installation, created with a Hanal Pixan theme, integrated 50,000 plants on a 100–meter path and engaged 200 workers from the city Servicios Públicos.

This year’s theme is spring, and it will remain in place for just over a month, Bojórquez Zapata said.

After the show folds, Bojórquez Zapata said the plants and flowers will be transported to other spots around the city.

Source: Desde el Balcon

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