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Canadian couple hands over cache of Mayan artifacts

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Mayan artifacts on a Canadian couple’s property in Izamal are handed to authorities. Photo: INAH

Izamal, Yucatán — A Canadian couple living here has released 179 archaeological pieces — from ancient vessels to stone pedestals — to the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

INAH first visited the expats’ property on May 30 to inspect the priceless objects, which by law are considered property of the government.

After being approached by INAH, the unnamed couple voluntarily cooperated with regional authorities in transferring the treasures, according to a wire service report. No mention was made of any sanctions against the couple.

INAH has taken possession of 179 ancient Mayan pieces in Izamal. Photo: INAH

Archaeologists Francisco Burgos Villanueva, Sylviane Boucher Lelandais and Yoly Palomo Carrillo found stone fragments of decorative elements such as pilasters, cornices and moldings, as well as ceramic objects such as bowls and cups, mostly of Mayan origin and traced to the immediate region. Some apparently came from Nayarit or other regions of the western Mexico, said INAH.

Limestone fragments were transferred to a warehouse in Izamal while complete objects were moved to the INAH’s space in Mérida, where a detailed catalog is being compiled.

Source: INAH Press Release

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