Cancun room reservations trickle in

A shuttered Cancun resort awaits Mexico's recovery from the coronavirus spread. Photo: Getty

Vacationers are slowly coming back to Cancun, the governor of Quintana Roo announced.

After the announcement by Gov. Carlos Joaquín González that the state would reopen to tourism June 8, 40 to 50 hotel reservations immediately followed, a modest result that he called “encouraging.”

Hotel workers return to work Monday to prepare for travelers a week later. Quintana Roo is the source of nearly 80,000 tourism jobs.

The governor continued to urge people to maintain their prevention, hygiene and social distancing measures, since when economic activities resume, “we are going to confront the coronavirus outside of the house.”

“It is important that you know we are going to live with the coronavirus. We must be prepared and maintain prevention measures,” he said.

Joaquín has called tourism an essential activity in Quintana Roo, “and we are going to fight for it to be considered that way.”

Resorts in Mexico have signed on for a COVID-free certification platform, for which more than 1,651 out of 1,983 companies are in compliance.

Source: Press conference

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