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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cancun’s reopening considered a worldwide success story as pandemic continues

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An ease-up on coronavirus restrictions, including loose COVID-19 airport entry requirements, has made Cancun a rare global tourism powerhouse during the pandemic.

Cancun’s recovery has been so strong since slowly reopening in May, Mexico’s top tourist destination has become one of the top resort cities in the world.

Airlines continue to cancel flights to other places, but not in Cancun. Europe, in particular, is becoming a bigger customer, travel analytics show.

According to airport concessionaire ASUR, Cancun saw over 44,000 international passengers in June after the city reopened for tourism. By August, that number ballooned to 297,389 international passengers arriving and departing through the Cancun International airport. An additional 522,000 domestic passengers were registered at the airport in August bringing the grand total of passengers to 819,365 for the month.

Hotel occupancy has rebounded from May, when it was at 5.7%. Cancun had its hotel occupancy limited to 30% until the epidemiological light was dropped in September from “orange” to “yellow” alert, allowing hotels to increase room occupancy to 60%.

This is happening in time for high season from November through March.

The lack of COVID-19-related entry requirements for Mexico also encourages travelers who worry about being denied entry, said vacation blog Travel Off Path.

Cancun’s airport sees over 200 flights a day and more flights from the United States and Europe will begin in October.

With information from Travel Off Path.

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