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Traffic lights no panacea at Santiago intersection

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Bad intersection
Approaching Calle 68 from 57 in Santiago. Lights have been since installed, but the intersection has seen more than its shares of car accidents this month.
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Merida, Yucatan — Watch out for cars and buses in the Centro. That’s a given, but be particularly careful at 68 y 57.

The fifth car crash in one month was reported today at this bad-luck intersection. Even for the Centro, that’s pretty striking.

There is nothing particularly unusual about the intersection of Calle 68 and Calle 57, which is in the Santiago section of the Gringo Gulch. There are houses and a Cervefrio. Some small hotels are nearby. Just beyond the block is Santiago Market to the south and west, LA 68 to the north. Nothing that would create a particular hazard for drivers.

Traffic lights were recently installed. Still, the newspapers are starting to depict this intersection as particularly dangerous.

In the last two articles covering the accidents, the drivers each claimed to have the green light.


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