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Carsa Insurance: Customer service and understanding make the difference

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Ricardo David Castilla Sosa takes great pride in carefully laying out and explaining the ins and outs of insurance packages available in Mexico to international residents. Photo: Courtesy Carsa Insurance

Admittedly insurance is not exactly a sexy topic, but still something we all need — especially if you are living abroad.

Carsa has been offering comprehensive insurance coverage in Mérida for nearly 50 years. 

Ricardo David Castilla Sosa is now at the helm of the company, taking over from his father who continues on in an advisory role. 

One of the things that set Carsa apart from its competitors is Ricardo’s knowledge of international living.

Though some international residents are eligible for Mexican social security, purchasing additional coverage is highly recommended. Photo: Courtesy Carsa Insurance

“After completing my bachelor’s in administration at the Universidad Marista here in Mérida, I had the opportunity to complete a graduate program at York University in Toronto. This really gave me a different outlook on what living abroad really means,” says Castilla Sosa.

As a result of his education and time abroad, Ricardo is completely bilingual ⁠— a tool that has been invaluable for his career as an insurance broker. 

Ricardo says that at Carsa they like to do things differently and since 2005 have largely focused on Mérida’s international community.

“I would never name names, but some insurance companies here in Mérida are not exactly on the up and up. We strive for complete transparency and honesty when it comes to dealing with our customers. This is our most important value,” notes Castilla Sosa.

Though Carsa offers a wide range of insurance products, the company in recent years has concentrated on health insurance when it comes to its international client base.

There are several things that our international customers need to understand about health coverage in Mexico, explains Ricardo. For starters, the coverage is only valid in Mexico, and typically prolonged periods of time out of the country (over three months) tend to breach the contract.

It is also important to note that to be eligible for health insurance in Mexico one must be a legal resident (temporary or permanent) — tourist visas, even if prolonged, don’t count. 

Unlike insurance markets in some other countries, age is no obstacle to continuing with an existing insurance plan. However, most plans do not accept customers who begin their plans after the age of 64.

For more information, contact Carsa Insurance at yucataninsurance@gmail.com or call +52 999-129-9740.

Carsa Insurance can also be reached on social media:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CarsaInsuranceBroker

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yucataninsurancebroker/

Web https://www.yucatan-insurance.com/

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