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Casa Xólotl’s striking design proves attention-getting

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[metaslider id=38269]Casa Xólotl has gotten the attention of numerous websites that curate details of the world’s most interesting homes.

Dezeen, Curbed, ArchDaily and other websites have praised the Centro rental home’s innovate take on indoor-outdoor living. The home was designed by Mérida firm Punto Arquitectónico, and the photos shared on the sites are by Tamara Uribe.

What got the tastemakers’ attention was Casa Xólotl’s surprising water feature. The residence incorporates a courtyard pool that wends its way through some of structure’s freestanding walls.

The home, which is rented on Airbnb for US$232 a night, begins with a nondescript facade that conceals an oasis beyond its walls. Arranged around three zones, the floor plan begins with a lobby and kitchen, as well as a guest bedroom. It transitions into a covered outdoor living room, then an open courtyard characterized by a curving pool, creating a dynamic indoor-living space.

The master suite is at the rear of the property in a separate building.

The outdoor space is arguably Casa Xólotl’s centerpiece. The courtyard features remnants of existing walls and a refurbished cistern—the area with a small swimming room.

It flows from a courtyard formed by these walls and out toward the center of the patio then into the cistern, whose entryway creates a waterfall. The pool establishes an interesting connection between interior and exterior spaces, as well as between the traditional architecture of the existing home and the new additions.

The interiors, for example, feature graphic tiling on the kitchen floor and backsplash and modern furniture that contrast with the exposed stone walls and the overall rough-hewn aspect of the original home.

Its location has not been disclosed, but its Airbnb listing places it somewhere between the zoo and Parque Santiago.

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