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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Cash shortage means empty food bowls at Evolución, unless donors save the day

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Shelter dogs at Evolución await adoption. Photo: Courtesy

Evolución volunteers are down to their last centavo to pay food bills to feed their shelter animals.

The no-kill shelter has, for years, been a sanctuary for dogs, and some cats, waiting for their “forever home.” Right now, 220 pets occupy Evolución Animal AC’s compound.

It takes 1,​206​ pesos​ ($6​5​ US​/​$83 Canadian) each day to feed them all.

To make a donation, visit their Facebook donation page, or email patintheyucatan@gmail.com to make a cash or food donation.

The nonprofit receives no government support and relies on donations to continue running its sanctuary southeast of Mérida.

No amount is too small, the volunteers say. All donations help and are greatly appreciated.

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