Cash-strapped Interjet quickly drops flights across Mexico

Interjet canceled its Mexico City flights today. Photo: Internet

Interjet canceled flights between Mexico City and Mérida and several other routes because it didn’t have enough cash to pay for fuel, several newspapers reported.

The financially beleaguered airline began dropping flights over the weekend and continued Monday with little notice. Already, 5,000 workers have scheduled a strike to complain about nonpayment of wages.

Flights between Mexico City and Cancún, Monterrey, Cozumel and Guadalajara were also erased from the schedule.

A similar crisis occurred before when flights were abruptly canceled in March 2019, and then again a month ago.

Interjet is suffering along with every other commercial airline over coronavirus-related setbacks. But the low-cost carrier has even more woes. Aside from the impending strike, Interjet faces a lawsuit over unpaid fuel bills. Profeco, the national consumer-protection agency, has publicly warned consumers to avoid the airline, mainly because of the likelihood that a booked flight will be canceled.

Source: Reuters

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