City intervenes at crumbling Casino de Progreso

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casino de progreso
City officials are boarding up an abandoned social hall in Progreso. Photo: Flickr

Progreso, Yucatán — A neglected and crumbling former social hall is being boarded up by city officials, much as similar relics have been sealed by their counterparts in Mérida.

The former Casino de Progreso, at calles 31 and 74, has been at risk of collapse for several years, according to Progreso Hoy. Pedestrians walk by the building daily. Calle 31 is a major, two-way thoroughfare.

So today, city workers intervened by constructing a crude perimeter wall around it.

In its glory days, the Casino de Progreso hosted port society weddings, quinceañeras, balls and even artistic events with singers and actors of national and international fame, reports Progreso Hoy. There is still a plaque on a wall that says “Casino de Progreso, 1944,” the year it began operating legally, although it may have been run earlier than that as the Paco Club.

In Mérida, several properties that are at risk of collapse or abandoned by their owners have been expropriated by the city, but that has yet to happen in Progreso.

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