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Cenote dumping ground for 112 electric meters found by divers

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A cleanup of the Chen Ha cenote in Kopomá revealed more than ordinary trash and animal remains. More than 100 power meters were discovered to have been tossed into the water.

The electric meters were the type found on the side of most buildings to gauge power use, reported archaeologist Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi.

The meters contain highly polluting components, such as copper and lead, and possibly emitted heavy metals that not only contaminated groundwater but also killed the cenote’s fish.

For years, Grosjean Abimerhi has led efforts to clean polluted cenotes. Cave divers and volunteers worked intensively for five hours to remove 700 kilos of trash.

Divers used metal detectors to locate the surprising finds, which were under a thick layer of sediment.

The remains of fish, as well the skull of three crocodiles, were also found in the cenote. Live mojarras and catfish were found swimming about.

In all, 112 meters were counted, many completely corroded.

Kopomá, which means “low or sunken water” in Maya, is 31 miles / 50 kilometers southwest of Mérida.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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