CENTRO Architects’ Fernando Abreu on how to keep a dream home truly dreamlike

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
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Fernando Abreu has made a successful career combining his love of construction and design with real-world pragmatism and solutions. Photo: CENTRO Architects

There is certainly no shortage of architects in Yucatán capable of building dream homes in Mérida’s Centro. But once the project is completed and the client is settled in and enjoying a new life, there is still work to be done. 

Fortunately, with the right help keeping your home looking like you always dreamed of can be truly hassle-free. 

The firm known as CENTRO Architects was founded in 2007 and expanded eight years ago by adding a maintenance division to address issues large and small. 

Pools and gardens are among the most beloved areas for homeowners in Mérida, but they sure can be a lot of work to take care of yourself. Photo: CENTRO Architects

“Clients often come to us after having worked with someone else who came up with an improvised solution that ultimately made things worse. Our approach is all about real problem-solving, not just about temporary band-aid solutions,” says CENTRO Architects’ founder, Fernando Abreu. 

Working with only the best allows CENTRO Architects to offer its clients unparalleled quality and peace of mind. Photo: CENTRO Architects

Fernando Abreu trained as an architect at Yucatán’s UADY state university, as well as at Auburn University in Alabama, where he met his wife Monica. During his time at Auburn, Fernando embraced the opportunity to work and study with colleagues from the United States and across the world on a variety of projects.

“It was such a great experience to get the opportunity to work and study with so many great people and acquire such different takes on architecture and ways of doing things,” said Fernando.

Fernando took what he learned from working on projects like Rural Studio’s 20k house initiative (which was on display at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art) and put it to work in Yucatán training local architects to build cost-efficient kitchens for traditional Mayan homes. 

The Rural Studio 20k house initiative on which Fernando Abreu collaborated was established to create affordable and sustainable housing solutions for low-income individuals. Photo: Rural Studio

“These experiences taught me so much about how to build not just for aesthetics, but also for functionality and easy maintenance,” said Fernando. 

Fernando has now put these skills to work and aside from building and designing projects of his own, he and his colleagues spend much of their time doing property management for existing homes.

CENTRO Architects’ maintenance division is capable of taking on any specific home-care issue you can imagine, but also offers plans to offer homeowners the peace of mind that their home will always be in tip-top shape, even when they are out of town. 

Maintenance may not be the sexiest of subjects, but when done right will save tons of hassle and money. Photo: Centro Architects

When asked about what kinds of problems are most common in homes in Mérida’s Centro, Fernando says that problems associated with humidity and overly saturated electrical infrastructure cause the most headaches. 

Fernando and his team also have expertise with carpentry, ironwork, aluminum, air conditioning, motorized gates, pool maintenance, and just about everything else imaginable. 

For more information on what Fernando Abreu and CENTRO Architects can do for you, check out the following presentation hosted at the Mérida English Library. 

For more on Fernando Abreu and his team of professionals at CENTRO Architects, click here

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