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Centro infections up to 36, newly specific live map shows

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A live map drills down to the neighborhood level. Above is a snapshot of coronavirus infections after Tuesday’s update.

Merida, Yucatan — Two in La Ceiba, eight in Garcia Gineres, none in Dolores Otero.

That’s the level of specificity seen in a live map that tracks coronavirus cases by neighborhood. The screen has controls for zooming in and out and scanning in all directions for specific neighborhoods. It doesn’t divulge street addresses.

The numbers are also cumulative from the beginning of the crisis, and don’t indicate current, active cases after deaths or recoveries.

And it definitely doesn’t reveal who’s unknowingly carrying the virus because most asymptomatic people aren’t being tested.

Within Merida, the highest number of cases on Tuesday were in the Centro, with 36, although again that reflects the relative size of that neighborhood. The Centro is a large red blob in the center of the city map, well beyond the boundaries of the three-square-mile historic center.

Ciudad Caucel followed with 35 cases. The Las Américas subdivision totaled 22 cases; San José Tecoh had 17 cases and in Los Héroes there were 9.

Six out of every 10 infections in Yucatan are traced to Merida, the state’s largest city and its capital. Of the 891 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus registered in Yucatan, 529 are in Merida.

The map scans the entire state. Of Yucatan’s cities, Valladolid had the second-highest number of infections at 48, followed by Uman, 41; Kanasín, 31; Hunucma, 23; Maxcanú, 16, and Tekax, with 11.

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